The many colors of Axminster carpet being woven together

The many colors of Axminster carpet being woven together

For many, many decades woven woolen carpet has been the unquestioned standard for patterned flooring.

The richness of wool with its natural luster and superior dye receptivity yields a cloth with unparalled color broadcast and depth of hue.  Only wool can capture the intensity of a Glacier fed Mountain Lake, a butterfly wing, a wildflower.  Only wool, in its subtlety can capture the nature of sand, wood, rock or sky, or any other source of natures pallet.

Axminster is a woven carpet as opposed to 95% of commercial offerings for distinguished projects. Most often, tufted carpet with synthetic fibers are used. Woven as opposed to tufted carpet can be summed up like this: Woven wool carpet is Hotel carpet. Tufted synthetic carpet is Motel carpet.

Employing the beauty of wool with the Axminster weave, and our weavers, renders a patterned carpet with the greatest of color broadcast and the most lifelike and true motif definition.  Simply said our Axminster carpet is clear, clean, natural, defined, and durable, we think ours is the best.

Axminster Carpet in lobby
Castle Axminster
Department Store Axminster